Overwatch & Smash Bros coming fall 2020

POSTED BY admin November 13, 2019 in Program
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The Drury Panther varsity esports program will field teams in two new titles starting in 2020 – Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. These teams will join existing rosters in League of Legends and Rocket League, as well as media and support teams for students interested in streaming, shoutcasting, media production, coaching, and analysis.

“We gave a lot of thought to what titles to start with in our first competitive year (2019),” said head coach Michael Jones. “We wanted to make sure that if we are fielding a team in a particular game, that we do it right and give those rosters all the resources they need to succeed and perform at a high level.”

Future Overwatch and Smash Bros student athletes will have access to a dedicated training facility with top of the line hardware, as well as multiple travel opportunities for live competition.

Prospective student athletes of all skill levels are welcome to submit their interest for these teams; however, there are suggested minimum ranks to be considered for the top competitive roster in each title. For players under those ranks, there will be additional “academy” rosters focused on individual development. “Aside from rank, the main things we look for are teamwork, the ability to give and receive constructive criticism, and academic excellence,” said Coach Jones.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Drury Panther varsity esports program or want to be considered for a scholarship, visit the recruitment section of our website and fill out the interest form.

League of Legends (Diamond 4+)
Rocket League (Champion 1+)
Overwatch (Masters+)
Super Smash Bros (Ultimate & Melee, past tournament experience preferred)